I was born in 1959 in a family whose grandfather was a winegrower and
father a wine producer.

Grape and wine are two elements inextricably connected to my life.

I have vinified all varieties of white and red grapes, because my winery
stands at wine-cultivated areas of Kithairona’s slopes.

A mountain with a strong mythic burden where Satyrs, great Pan and
Muses worshipped God Dionysus through fests and wine consumption.
Ντόντου Γιάννα
The variety I loved though, cause I grew up with it, is Savvatiano.

With this grape I experimented most than making Retsina and Semi-sweet wines and result justified me with seven
medals in famous International Competitions.

The complete success of this wine will depend on its acceptance will have on your heart and on your table.

Taste it!
It worths in every drop!

I warmly thank you,
Gianna Dodou.
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